Our mission is to connect people to animals and nature and inspire them to care about conservation. Our wild cat species are part of the apex predators in Sri Lanka who form backbone of all conservation efforts in the country, without them all other conservation efforts become difficult. Across the country we collaborate with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to achieve a shared vision for a more secure and resilient future for all who share the land. Millions of interconnected species depend on our shared ecosystem.

We must rise and face the environmental challenges of our time. Our mission is to do that through research, collaboration, cooperation and quantifying the economic and resource value of these precious creatures. This will be achieved through grassroots programs such as eco-tourism, collaborative research and finding mutually beneficial solutions. Empowerpoint is the key. Our vision is a Sri Lanka where human -wild cat conflict is eliminated and transformed to a human- wild cat co-existence.

Our research teams try to address these issues through,

  • Conducting long term scientific research on ecology and biology of wild cat species in Sri Lanka.
  • Conducting long term scientific research on natural habitats and habitat conservation of wild cat species in Sri Lanka.
  • Determine the threats and conservation issues for wild cat populations in Sri Lanka.
  • Increasing public awareness towards sustainable resource use and wildlife conservation.

Our focus is to find solutions not only for conserve felids also facilitate local communities to fight against poverty and achieve their economic development goals through sustainable conservation.

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ADF aims to achieve its mission through holistic approaches involving social mobilization, financial inclusion of the excluded sections and, promotion of prudent financial practices and sustainable livelihoods. It promotes sustainable agriculture and natural resource management as means of livelihood improvement among rural poor.